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We have decided to start blogging about how difficult dieting can be. We want to share our experiences in the hope they will help others realise they are not alone.

This is a discussion blog to offer support to other 'normal' dieters out there in the world.

Everyone finds dieting difficult ... so let’s all do it together!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day!

So ... Its January

After an all inclusive, blow out in Tenerife with friends we have decided to begin a diet. However, it has not been as successful as originally planned.

At work, we are always told ... 'it's about solutions NOT problems' so here we are £100 pounds lighter (see what I did there?) and with hope that we have found the solution to ALL our problems.

We have finally joined in the Diet Chef craze. The weightloss people experience seems to be slowish but steady, which is great, but after doing the Cambridge Diet for 4 years on and off will DC be fast enough?

We also plan to attend 2 Zumba classes a week ... (eek)

Well here goes ... You are welcome to join us with whatever diet you are doing and all comments and advice is welcome.

However if you do wish to leave a comment please be nice!

Start Weight
Tasty 1  = 11.13
Tasty 2 = 12.03

We will weigh every Monday and update the blog as and when events happen.

Zumba starts tomorrow and we await our CD delivery!

But for now .... Good Luck and get involved!

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