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We have decided to start blogging about how difficult dieting can be. We want to share our experiences in the hope they will help others realise they are not alone.

This is a discussion blog to offer support to other 'normal' dieters out there in the world.

Everyone finds dieting difficult ... so let’s all do it together!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good news is just around the corner .... hopefully!

Just received THE email for Diet Chef to confirm that our order has been dispatched.

Surely this is good news!

After confessing that I am definitely obese (according to my BMI) to everyone who would listen at lunch time ... I feel rather deflated. Everyone seems to think that I am crazy! However, it is indeed a fact! A BMI of 30 is obese.

Sometimes it;s best to be honest. I've started so I will continue.

To those of you who read our last blog ... we are definitely NOT at Zumba ... We should be, but we are not. I feel very guilty. Note to self .... PLEASE try harder!

What have you been doing today to be better than us?

Please let me know ... share some words of wisdom!

Lots of good luck

Tasty 1


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