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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brace Yourself!

Day 1
We have lift of! Or shall I say … very sharp scissors to open these HUGE boxes.
So the boxes arrived in all their cardboard - brown glory. Needless to say we were both very excited and reached for in for our breakfast. I chose a Soft chocolate chip cookie, whilst Laura chose a chocolate chip breakfast bar. Yum!
We then wandered back to our classrooms and planned to meet for lunch (yes we giggled for a short while because our food said lunch on it too!)
When 12 O’clock came I rushed to eat my Chicken Veg and Cous cous salad (served cold … weird) in Laura’s classroom. She had chosen the same. I tentatively peeled back the film lid to reveal a delightful sized cous cous salad. As a bonus, it was quite tasty.
So … we decided to lug these boxes home to have a good look (we love a good look) to see what other delights we can look forward too. Laura,  the planner in the Two Tasty Teachers duo, was already sorting her lunches and breakfasts for next week. Me … I’m more of a chuck and go kinda gal!
The boxes didn’t fit in the car and we drove home with the boot open … obviously a normal thing to do (duh). When we got home we decided to have our final meal before I was rushed away to another meeting. I chose Shepherd’s Pie and Laura chose veggie lasagna.Later on we Dove into a bag of sweet and salty popcorn … Deeeeeeeelicious!
All in all the food was absolutely delicious. If I am being completely honest, (if I was nit picking) I sort of regret buying so many for the cous cous salad but on the flip side it wasn’t inedible. I cannot stress enough how pleased I am because I wasn’t starving!
So … day one done … I am now sitting in bed, reflecting on a much more successful day!
Please let me know if you are doing the Diet Chef diet or any other diets that work!
I would love to hear from anyone!
Tasty 1

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